Frequently asked questions

What is YourDigiCard?
YourDigiCard digital business card allows you to quickly transfer your contact information, social media information and much more to any smartphone without the need for an application. You can share all the information you want digitally with your NFC-enabled cards and mobile phones with NFC technology.
Is YourDigiCard compatible with all phones?
Yes, YourDigiCard is compatible with almost all modern smartphones. You can view the detailed compatibility list by clicking "Compatibility List" here.
How can I share my information with phones that do not have NFC?
By scanning the QR code containing your profile link that we have added to the front of your YourDigiCard, or you can share and save your own QR code in your profile.
How long does it take to receive my YourDigiCard?
After placing your order, your card will be delivered to your address within 3 to 5 working days at the latest.
How can I create my YourDigiCard profile?
You can access our website from your desktop computer or the internet browser on your mobile phone, click on the "Buy" button and create your card first. When your order is completed, you can edit your profile and share it immediately by "Login".
Will my information be deleted if I lose my YourDigiCard?
No, even if your card is lost, you can continue to benefit from YourDigiCard privileges by ordering a new card, as all your information is stored in our system in accordance with GPDR standards.
How long does YourDigiCard expire?
You can optionally re-order and renew your card, depending on the wear and tear condition of your card.

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